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Our Stallion

Glampi frá Flögu

Born: 1993 in Iceland
FEIF ID: IS1993156162
Color: redbrown
Rod dimensions: 140 cm
Counted: 8.00
Trot: 8.50
Gallop: 8.00
Mind and Will: 8.00
Rider shape: 8.50

Glampi is a four-time stallion with a beautiful color, great radiance, a good foundation and with an expressive jolt with high legs lifting even at a fast pace.

He has a swinging trot with fluid and spacious movement. In addition, he has a smooth and energetic step and a very comfortable forward leaping canter.

He has been voted both in Iceland, in Germany and in Denmark and has a total of almost 100 successful offspring, which more than anything else, like himself, is known on the sports scene. He gives a detached nature toll on to his offspring, and from our own experience we know that five-pass shoppers with a tendency to passports also get tact-ready nature tollers with five clearly separated gaits. On average, his offspring are very large, temperamental, but also very rideable, and have an interesting color palette, which often follows the color of the mother hop.

Glampi has a good mind and is very polite and respectful in dealing; both with adults and children. Facing his jumps – and their foals too – he behaves like a true gentleman.


FF Hervar frá Sauðárkróki
IS1976157003 F Þengill frá Hólum
FM Þrá frá Hólum IS1984157807
IS1978258301 Glampi frá Flögu
MF Gáski frá Hofsstöðum IS1993156162
IS1973135980 M Gáska frá Hjálmholti
MM Tinna frá Hjálmholti IS1985287014